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Canadian Credit Services has an array of skills pertaining to credit rates and their respective reports. Our team knows the credit industry inside and out. We have an extensive pool of resources to tap into allowing us to make the important and necessary changes to your credit report so you don’t have to stress. Lawyers, ex-credit agency employees, collection agency insiders – we know them, they are on our team, and we utilize their knowledge and expertise to our full extent. We appreciate and understand your financial, personal and privacy rights and are equipped to take the fastest course of action available to improve your credit.

Sometimes it’s not even financial distress causing your credit score to suffer. It can be simple errors and mistakes present on your credit report. We are trained to notice these instantly. You will be surprised how a small error can have a large impact. Our staffs are highly qualified experts on the credit industry, trained to properly address these concerns.

Your membership gives us the capacity to handle your credit report. You no longer have to deal with the collector’s phone calls, the letters, and the paperwork headaches. We can take care of all that for you. All you need to do is check in to see how your score is improving, how low your debt settlements have become, and how life is improving now that you’ve taken action. It’s time to move on from your days of bad credit. You don’t deserve it, and we can make it right. We allow you to move forward with your goals and aspirations, removing the credit block that has been in your way. At Canadian Credit Services, let us fix your credit while RECLAIM YOUR FUTURE.